How to Eat

Chopsticks, or not?

Image of Sushi buautifully laid out on the tableHaving put a lot of effort into preparing the perfect sushi, or even if you are eating in a sushi restaurant, you will want to enjoy it in the correct fashion. Although chopsticks are generally provided and used, sushi may also be eaten by hand, and indeed nigirizushi is said to taste better this way. Only chirashizushi really requires chopsticks.


The sushi may be dipped in soy sauce before eating, but ensure that only the topping is dipped in the sauce, and that it does not soak into the rice, making it excessively salty. People often mix some wasabi into the soy sauce, although nigirizushi usually has wasabi in it already, and more should not be added.

Gari, or pickled ginger, is traditionally eaten between pieces of sushi, to refresh the palate. It can also be used to brush some soy sauce overgunkanmaki toppings before eating.

Successful Soy Sauce Seasoning

Holding the sushi in your hand (or chopsticks), invert your hand so that the topping faces down, with the rice uppermost. Then simply dip the topping in the soy sauce, and enjoy!
how to eat nigirizushi

Dip a piece of gari (pickled ginger) in soy sauce, then brush it over the topping to season. Repeat a few times until the topping is well seasoned, and enjoy!
how to eat gunkanmaki

Dos and Don’ts

There are few express rules when eating sushi, just received wisdom that makes the experience more enjoyable; for example, progressing from light, white fish to rich fatty ones, dipping only the topping and not the rice in soy sauce and not adding wasabi if it is included already. In addition, pieces of sushi should be eaten in one go, and not placed back down after being picked up. They should also be eaten as soon as possible after they are made.