To a Tea: Find Your Perfect Japanese Cuppa


ippuku-tea-2The British pride themselves on enjoying a nice cuppa, but if anything, the Japanese take their tea drinking even more seriously. Green tea has become more popular in the UK and elsewhere in recent years, but in truth there is a wide range of deliciously different Japanese teas waiting to be explored. A great place to begin your Japanese tea voyage of discovery is the up-coming HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, where Ippuku Tea will be offering a selection of quality teas.

Go Green

Even amongst green teas, there is a variety to choose from. The most popular variant is known as Sencha, and as well as tasting great it offers a range of essential vitamins. The finest green tea, made using only the youngest, sweetest leaves, is known as Gyokuro. At the other end of the spectrum, tea made from older leaves is known as Bancha, and is prized in itself for its mild flavour and antioxidant properties.

ippuku-tea-1The powdered green tea known as Matcha is used in the traditional tea ceremony, and has been growing in popularity as an ingredient as well as a beverage. It’s even been used by contestants in the Great British Bake Off! The thick, sweet drink it makes really is something else, and well worth seeking out.

A Different Blend

Looking beyond green to other colours, we find the roasted tea known as Hojicha. The lower caffeine content compared with other teas make this perfect for enjoying towards the end of the day. Add some roasted brown rice to your green tea, and you get Genmaicha.  Again, this is low in caffeine and bitterness, and has a wonderfully nutty flavour.  Finally, barley tea or Mugicha can be enjoyed hot, but it excels as a refreshing cold drink in warm weather.

For a top-quality selection of all of these teas, be sure to hot foot it to the Ippuku Tea stand at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

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