Wasabi for Everyone at the S&B Food Demonstration!



Ever think wasabi could go in a cupcake? No? Neither did we. But that’s just one reason to take part in S&B’s wasabi cooking demo at this year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market. Focusing on wasabi-centric dishes, this demo hopes to introduce dishes that not only suit the local palate, but fit comfortably into anyone’s holiday food repertoire.

istock_29209510_xxlarge-300x216Did you know? Wasabi, although called “Japanese horseradish,” is not actually horseradish at all! It’s part of a family called Brassicaceae, which includes cabbages, mustards, radishes, and broccoli. Unlike horseradish, the part of wasabi that is commonly consumed is the stem, which appears root-like and knobbly because of leaves that have fallen off. It shows up in Japanese records for the first time as far back as the year 918, and was valuable enough that it could be used to pay taxes. A very difficult plant to cultivate, wasabi grows naturally only in very specific climates and requires cold water with a delicate balance of minerals, as well as temperate weather and shade.

sb-prepared-wasabi-in-tube-84x300Come get a bit more comfortable in the kitchen and get a hands-on feel for working with wasabi while you’re at it! Whatever your feelings toward cooking and whatever level of expertise you have in a kitchen setting, this will be an exciting and worthwhile experience.

Saturday the 26th
Time: 18:30
Topic: Wasabi Party Dips

Sunday the 27th
Time: 14:30
Topic: Wasabi Cupcakes

sblogoWhile the event is open to all who wish to participate, please do remember that spaces are extremely limited. Those interested should be prepared to line up in advance. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you eat the finished product while at the demonstration event, as the organizers cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise as a result of eating the prepared food outside the demonstration event.

Event websitehttp://hyperjapan.co.uk/latest-news/christmas/sb-food-demo