Summer days = MIO Sparkling Sake

Ahh, summer… what better way to spend an idyllic afternoon than with a bottle of MIO Sparkling Sake?

Ever since MIO entered the sake scene a few years back, it has remained a favourite of the sparkling sake scene. Indeed, MIO is a common sight at London’s HYPER JAPAN Festival and always in high demand. To meet this demand, HYPER JAPAN and the Shirakabe Gura brewery have teamed up to present you with the MIO Station at this summer’s event!

The MIO Station will be located in the landing area of the central staircase of the Tobacco Dock venue. Don’t even bother worrying about whether you’ll find it; you simply can’t miss the large blue banners and long queues of eager buyers. If you’re really confused, look in the showguide and it’ll be there on the map page!

Don’t miss this important opportunity to pick up your bottle (or two, three, maybe even four) of MIO Sparkling Sake!

Website: MIO Sparkling Sake

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