Now Recruiting for 2016’s Kids Sushi Master!

The Kids Sushi Master Competition is back!


Following in last year’s footsteps,  Sozai cooking school  has decided to once again hold its popular “Kids Sushi Master Competition” at the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market. Each competitor will take part in a sushi making lecture earlier in the day, after which they will take part in the final stage of the competition at Tobacco Dock, London. Participants will face off against their peers at the HYPER Creative Studio in a friendly yet intense competition to determine the overall winner.

hj_food_sushiimage2-jpg-150x150These young competitors form the pool from which tomorrow’s Jamie Oliver emerges, so come down and join their friends and families in cheering on our brave, young contestants! Entries will be judged on a variety of factors, including overall appearance, theme, taste, form, and originality, among others. Judges, each seasoned culinary professionals in their own respective fields, will award the brave winner the title Master Sushi Kid of the Year along with a great prize!

Please note that this competition has a limit of 25 participants, and operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

When: Sunday, November 27th at 13:15
Where: HYPER Creative Studio
Who: Youth ages 8-15

For those who are intereted in participating, please contact Mr. Takeru Kurihara at [email protected] with your (or your child’s) name, age, e-mail address, and a number at which you can be reached on the day.

Sozai Cooking School
Sozai Cooking School is is the first cooking school in the UK dedicated to authentic Japanese food. In addition to well-known dishes like sushi and tempura, the school will offer a wide variety of classes covering traditional cuisine, such as multi-course kaiseki and vegan shojin, and casual and street food including ramen noodles and savoury okonomiyaki pancakes.

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