Delightful “Deco-Curry” with S&B’s Curry Workshop

It shows up in all of your favourite animes and J-Drama… Curry – the ubiquitous Japanese comfort food. Now, a workshop taking place in London this summer mixes the spirit of the “chara-ben” (themed – and almost always adorable! – lunch box) with the well-loved Japanese rendition of the Indian classic.

S&B will be bringing along a professional chef to give you the rundown on how to make S&B curry, along with tricks and tips on how to make your curry (almost) too cute to eat! Better yet, participants will get to dine on the veggie curry they’ve just seen created, so make sure you come peckish!

Participants will also receive a free sample of S&B curry powder to take home, and posting your S&B creation on SNS will earn you the chance at winning an S&B gift set! Details to come!

Workshop Details

  • Where: HYPER Theatre
  • When: 15 July, 16:00
  • Cost: Free



Event website: