Sake Cocktail Awards 2015

The Sake Cocktail Awards are a rare opportunity for visitors to watch a selection of professional mixologists shake up original cocktails right in front of them over three days, then sample and vote for their favourite cocktail creation to crown a winner at the end of each day. Adding a variety of mixers and ingredients – both familiar and new – to a Japanese sakebase, these original cocktail creations will redefine sake drinking. The 2015 Sake Cocktail Awards weren’t just interested in finding the “best overall” sake but rather the best combination for a particular situation, be it a New Year’s Eve celebration or a pre-theatre drink.

Enjoyed in Japan for thousands of years, sake is an indispensable part of Japanese life and culture to this day. Outside of Japan, chefs and mixologists are experimenting with mixing different types of sakes (from Junmai to Daiginjo) with western flavours, starting to use it as a fresh, new cocktail base. According to Oliver Hilton-Johnson, Director and Sake Specialist of Tengu Sake and Sake Educator for the British Sake Association: ”Whilst the UK consumer is not spoilt for choice when it comes to the selection of alcoholic drinks on offer, few are quite as versatile and rewarding as sake. Which other alcoholic drink can be both cool and refreshing as well as warm and invigorating? Great with sushi but also cheese? HYPER JAPAN (allows) visitors to try sake in a familiar environment by sampling a variety of amazing sake cocktails.”


Sake Cocktail Awards 2015 at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015
Price: £5
Friday 27th: 14.00-20.30
Saturday 28th First Session: 11.00-14.30
Saturday 28th Second Session: 16.00-20.30
Sunday 29th: 11.00-17.30
Venue: Tobacco Dock
For visitors over 18 only

Eat-Japan events will require a separate ticket to the standard HYPER JAPAN ticket, available as an add-on option when purchasing HYPER JAPAN tickets.

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