Sake Links

From experts sharing their top tips to those with a simple passion for sake, here are some interesting, informative and thought-provoking blogs that bring a fresh perspective onto the world of sake. Know of any more? Want to share your own sake story? Let us know! Contact us through our Facebook page to share your sake knowledge.

Find out why our Eat-Japan executive sommelier, Natsuki Kikuya, won the 2011 IWC award for Sake Contributor of the Year through this insightful blog. Highlights the plight of breweries affected by the Tohoku Earthquake.
An American journalist based in Tokyo and a certified wine and sake professional , Melinda Joe contributes to the Japan Times and updates her blog with news and interviews including a chat with one of the few female toji, or master brewers, in the profession.
Created by John Gauntner, a leading authority on sake and the only non-Japanese certified Master of Sake Tasting, he gives us the low-down on all things sake!
More news and interviews from Timothy Sullivan in his in-depth offering to the blogging world of sake.

From the Kobe Shu-Shin Kan Breweries, a short video giving a nice little introduction into the process of making sake, and some information on some sake basics.
Information on the history and sake production technique of Masumi, a company with two breweries in Nagano.

Sake Professional
Created to promote sake education outside of Japan, provides certification training and seminars around the world.
Set up by three sake experts, the SSA offers ‘the only sake sommelier qualification in the UK’.

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