Shout About Sake

Sake is gaining momentum outside of its native Japan as sake sommeliers take the lead in educating us about the merits of this fine drink, be it at restaurants, tasting seminars or big events such as HYPER JAPAN. Breweries are realising the value of promoting their produce to a foreign market by participating in sake events both in Europe and the USA, as well as providing informative English versions of their websites. Along with the bone fide experts of sake, who have amassed a wealth of information on the subject, and tasted their way through a fair amount of Japan’s breweries, there are many who are just simply passionate about this drink. These enthusiasts write not only about the basics, but thoughtful pieces on the art and craft of Japan’s national drink. Why not take a moment to delve into the world of sake, and see what you find to shout about.

Go on, spread the word on sake!

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