The No.1 Mayonnaise and Dressing in Japan

Kewpie Corporation, a maker of a diverse lineup of food products starting with mayonnaise, was founded in 1919 and celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2019. The company is known around the world and holds Japan’s No.1 market share in both the mayonnaise and dressing category.*  •Source: Data of INTAGE SCI 2021 in Japan.


A unique blend of rapeseed oil, egg yolk and vinegar gives it a rich, savoury flavour. It can be used in a variety of dishes such as salads, sandwiches and sushi etc. You can also create your own original sauce by blending KEWPIE Mayonnaise with miso, wasabi, kimchi or anchovy sauce.

  • No.1 market share in Japan*
    •Source: Data of INTAGE SCI 2021 in Japan.
  • Rich in egg yolks
  • An easy-to-handle squeeze Bottle

What makes it special?

The secret behind the incredibly rich flavour of KEWPIE mayonnaise is the egg: KEWPIE mayonnaise is made using only egg yolks instead of whole eggs.

Boost the umami by baking the mayonnaise

Baking mayonnaise enhances the flavour and richness of your dish. The aroma and the creaminess of the mayonnaise will stimulate your appetite. It’s a great way to expand your culinary horizons.

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This soy sauce-based dressing uses a unique roasting technique to bring out the best of the colour, aroma and taste of sesame. As soon as you eat it, the aroma of freshly ground sesame seeds fills your mouth, followed by the aroma of roasted sesame seeds that lasts until the end of the meal, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Vegetable, meat and noodle dishes can be prepared quickly with this product alone, without the need to add any other ingredients. This is the perfect product to expand your culinary repertoir

  • No.1 market share in Japan*
    •Source: Data of INTAGE SCI 2021 in Japan.
  • Rich Roast aroma


We asked three leading London chefs who specialise in different cuisines to experiment with KEWPIE’s Mayonnaise and Deep Roasted Sesame Dressing. 

Let their insight and ideas inspire you on how to use KEWPIE in your professional kitchens and how to introduce western customers to the particular flavours of the celebrated Japanese brand.

Jon de Villa, Head Chef and Co-Owner of Yuu Kitchen

Jon previously worked at Nobu London before opening his own restaurant Yuu Kitchen. He’s also bee featured by Time Out for his famous Asadong Manok (chicken asado).

Toshio Suzuki, Executive Chef of Benihana UK

Chef Suzuki is the UK’s leading Wagyu Master, an expert who teaches other chefs on how to use many different cuts of the special beef served in unique ways.

CY Lim, Executive Chef of Ekachai, Laksa Kitchen and Three Uncles

Chef Lim Lim grew up in Penang Island and was inspired by his grandfather’s hawker stall to work in many of Penang’s luxury hotels before moving to London. He also ran a secret pop-up restaurant serving authentic Laksa. 

We will first look at KEWPIE’s hero item, KEWPIE Mayonnaise, and how it differs from British mayonnaise. 

Chef Toshio Suzuki, Executive Chef from Benihana UK, who himself if Japanese is very aware of the differences and highlighted that “not only does KEWPIE give moisture and mildness as an ingredient it compliments other ingredients” which was also agreed by Chef Jon de Villa who is currently the Head Chef of Yuu Kitchen and previously of Nobu London. “You really cannot compare KEWPIE mayo to any other mayo. It has a great creamy rich flavour and goes well with anything you put it on… I have experimented with various mayo we do at the restaurant, and it works really well,” says Chef de Villa.

Our third chef, Chef CY Lim, is a Malaysian chef and is the Executive Chef for the Ever Fortune Group whose restaurants include Ekachai, Laksa Kitchen and Three Uncles. Chef Lim also felt that the real difference between the British mayonnaise and KEWPIE was the creamy nature of the product; “the distinct flavour and rich and creamy texture enhances dishes when we use it. We’ve tried using other brands but we found we needed to add other seasoning such as salt and pepper.”

Another characteristic the chefs raised was that KEWPIE did not leave any feeling of oiliness in the mouth or in dishes “KEWPIE gives a very clean taste when used in dishes and also during and after eating” said Chef Lim.

We asked our chefs to share some ideas on to use KEWPIE Mayonnaise in dishes. 

“As well as being flavourful and creamy it is also very versatile,” says Chef de Villa. “In Yuu Kitchen we have experimented by mixing it with the various sauces we offer customers such as wasabi, chilli garlic, kimchi and so on, they all work really well”.

Chef Suzuki agreed “it also works with western flavours such as ketchup and balsamic vinegar. We also suggest grilling to bring out more of its flavour and we also heat the mayonnaise when we cook on the teppan at Benihana. We are actually developing some new dishes with this method”.

Chef Lim has some other suggestions involving cooking “try adding KEWPIE Mayonnaise to fried rice, or to marinate meat or experiment replacing milk and coconut in curries”

When it came to the KEWPIE Deep Roasted Sesame Dressing the feedback was unanimous with Chef de Villa perfectly describing using the product as “easy to add Japanese touch and taste”. He also made a great point that it was an interesting and unique alternative to nut dressings and sauces.

Chef Lim loved its flavour profile; “it is delicious giving a bold taste of deep roasted sesame full of umami, it is nutty, mildly sweet with a tang.” He also adds that is similar to KEWPIE Mayonnaise as it enhances dishes as well as being an ingredient. “You can use it on any combination of greens, use it in stir fries, use as a marinade for meat and added flavour in Ramen and Dons”

Chef de Villa recommends using KEWPIE Deep Roasted Sesame Dressing cold “it is great with cold salads with sashimi and goes really well with raw kale, pumpkin seeds and pomegranate. I would even use it as a dipping sauce for steak” he adds.

Thank you to our chefs and we hope that they have inspired you to get creative in your kitchens with KEWPIE.


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