Instantly Upgrade Your Sushi with Biome Machines and Utensils

Biome is an authorised supplier of an impressively wide line-up of high quality machinery and utensils from leading Japanese manufacturers. They work with companies who share their love of sushi and their commitment to excellence in specialist equipment in order to provide solutions tailored to the circumstances of every client, whether big or small. In addition to meeting your machine and utensil needs, Biome offers a range of ancillary services to support food and drink businesses in the UK, including machine installation and maintenance, staff training, and new business launch consulting. You can rest assured you’re in good hands with Biome.   

Sushi Making Process 

Making sushi is a multi-stage process requiring accuracy and consistency throughout. Biome can provide machines to make it easier at every stage.  

Product Range 

Biome’s fantastic product line-up is not focused solely on sushi: the also offer specialist equipment for noodles, miso soup, packaging and even coffee, enabling them to meet diverse needs.  

Rice Preparation Machine
Rice Machines helps in rice washing, cooking and keeping the rice warm.
Sushi Machine
Sushi rolls, nigiri sushi, maki sushi and sushi cutting can be done using these machines. 
Japanese Utensils
We provide cutting boards, spatula, maki-su, hangiri bowl and lifters for lifting the chopping board.
Commercially used refrigerators, blast chillers, freezers, sushi cases and ice machines supplied.
Hot Japanese Food
We provide Gyoza cooker and maker along with miso soup dispenser. All these machines provide hot Japanese food.
Noodle Equipment
High Performing and simple to operate noodle making machines available. We make sure we bring the best for you.
Vacuum Cooling
Vacuum cooling lowers the temperature of cooked rice so that sushi can be made immediately without losing its taste and texture.
Coffee Grinders
We provide high quality coffee grinders for industrial use. Coffee is crushed in huge amount to make a smooth cuppa. 


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